Review: Rab Strata Hoodie

I’ve been hillwalking for nearly six years and I’ve always toiled to control my temperature in winter. I’m either too cold or too hot. When walking in winter I always find it easier to add layers of clothing rather than shed them, so I run cold to begin with. I’m not a huge fan of the traditional recommended layering system. It’s just too hot for me, unless I’m static on the summit of a cold Munro.

So needless to say, I was quite exciting about Alpha Polartec, and I decided to purchase Rab’s effort; The Strata Hoodie in ebony black, size¬†medium. The medium sits really nice on me, and allows movement without feeling restricted and there was still room left to¬†fit a fleece on underneath should it get really cold. The cut was just nice too, I don’t find it too short either.

I wore it for the first time¬†in Blair Atholl to bag the Munro¬†Beinn Dearg on a bitterly¬†cold November, the wind chill was considerable and my water was beginning to freeze in my Sigg bottle. I decided to wear it¬†as an outer layer with only the Rab Meco¬†baselayer underneath.¬†However the Strata hoodie kept me warm but never overheated whilst on the move. Even at the summit, the wind¬†chill did not penetrate the jacket.¬†I was very happy how the Strata Hoodie performed on it’s first outing.

The second time, I¬†used it¬†to do the¬†two Munros in¬†Glenfinnan. It wasn’t as cold but the Strata hoodie stood up well against constant drizzle and high winds. Only after¬†3 hours, I began to feel a bit cold on the ridge, so I added my waterproof¬†outer shell. The Strata hoodie performed equally as well as mid layer. It wasn’t until descending down the ridge and¬†out of the wind I began to overheat with the Strata hoodie and outer shell.

This is a mid term review, as the garment hasn’t been used¬†in truly subzero temperatures yet. However I’m very happy with how it has performed so far. I would recommend it to anyone who runs too hot¬†or finds¬†Paramo gear too hot¬†like myself. The DWR treatment will keep you dry in short showers or drizzle but wont keep you dry all day, therefore you’ll need to carry an outer waterproof shell jacket for those rainy days.

I will update this blog, once I give the jacket a test on the more colder crisp days. Winter in Scotland so far has been wet and windy. ūüė¶

4 thoughts on “Review: Rab Strata Hoodie

  1. michael

    Anymore thoughts on the jacket since your first review? By the way, what size are you as myself am questioning if the medium might fit me? Looking forward to hearing more from you on this jacket.

    1. I went for a large, I’m normally a medium but it felt as though I’d toil to get a mid layer on underneath. The large is a nice fit. Sadly I haven’t been out as much this winter due to the weather but I still rate the Strata hoodie.

  2. Andrew

    I also run hot and feel the cold. Like yourself I can’t say what kind of temperature it can keep you warm down to but what I can say is that this jacket is surely the work of the devil as it should not be as breathable across such a broad range of conditions. It’s now replaces a softshell and fleece and is always on me or in my pack. Can’t say enough good stuff about this jacket and will give it a proper test In the 4000m swiss alps next year.

  3. Robyn Raath

    To Late She Cried!
    I so wish I had seen your blog regarding CNF Outdoors. I purchased a Igloo Quick Cool 100 – or should I say I thought I purchased that – ordered on the 21st July – now the 4th August – no cooler – I have left several messages and emails and they don’t even bother to reply! I called again today, they have a difference answering service now – one that sounds a bit more professional to bluff the likes of me thinking they are a proper business! I have left a final message, – if I don’t get a response today, I will contact the Citizens Advice Bureau as you suggested. I know it is not a load of money I have spent ¬£95.93 – but it is principal and I want my money back.

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