Sucess: CNF Outdoors exposed by BBC Wales

You may remember my review on CNF Outdoors from January 2016, where I purchased a sleeping bag that I never received and had to threaten the company with all sorts before finally getting a refund. It was only after I read other horror stories online, I realised I wasn’t the only person to receive such a shoddy service. I eventually got a refund and decided to publish an article to help people get their money back.

I never realised how popular my article would be, with over 3,000 views and several comments. I helped tens of hundreds of people with guidance on how to arrange a charge back through their bank and how to report dodgy traders to Trading Standards.

CNF Outdoors moved from Nottingham to Wales and this was ultimitely the beginning of the end for CNF Outdoors. Back in January, a year after I posted the article, I was contacted by a BBC Wales representative who had seen my review of CNF Outdoors. We ended up chatting on the telephone for quite some time about my expereince and the feedback given on my article. With the information given, I helped the BBC Wales programme, X-Ray with their investigations.

I noticed that my article had gone quiet, the comments had slowly dried up, so I searched for CNF Outdoors and immediately noticed that the CNF Outdoors website had been pulled.

I contacted BBC Wales for an update, they confirmed that they featured CNF Outdoors and the owner Grant Butler in X-Ray Series 16: episode 13, aired on 24 February 2017. This is available on BBC Wales iPlayer for another 11 days if you wish to watch (skip to 18:00 minutes). BBC Wales also confirmed he was finally being investigated by Trading Standards, Result!

I even got a brief mention on the BBC Wales’ show, X-Ray:

My only hope is that Grant Butler doesn’t rename his dodgy company and start trading again, but otherwise this is a victory to all those who fell for his dodgy dealings.

My lesson learned, is to always research a company before placing a order, if I had done this before ordering I would have seen the trail of unhappy customers he left behind. If you do ever get duped out of money. Do NOT give up in getting your money back Bombard the company with emails and phone calls. Contact the Consumer Helpline, look at your rights with debt/credit cards to see if you can organise a charge back and use Social media to expose the company!

***Update*** Grant Butler has a new website under Sherwood Leisure. This is run by the same gentleman that owned CNF Outdoors. Don’t be fooled!

11 thoughts on “Sucess: CNF Outdoors exposed by BBC Wales

    1. Haha, to be honest the review got several more views than any other blog due to hundreds of people being fleeced. Plus I went on every outdoor page on FB and posted on Twitter. The power of social media shouldn’t be underestimated.

  1. Sorry to break the news to you but Grant Butler has renamed the company Sherwoodleisure and is trading again.
    I’m still waiting on a refund from him for an awning purchased in June.

  2. Don Kelly

    The guys a asshole and his shit Buisness I’m not leaving it he’s a total Tosser Grant Butler prob made up name . No rest till we catch up .hes a prick.

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