Review: Olight i1R EOS LED keychain light

The brand new Olight i1R EOS LED tiny keychain light arrived in June for review, with the nights now drawing in and autumn almost here I thought now is the ideal opportunity to review this torch.

What’s in the box?

The i1R EOS comes in a small white box, giving the impression that you’re buying a quality product, the picture on the box is the actual size of the torch. in the box you get the torch itself, a micro USB charging cable and user manual. Please remember before using the torch to unscrew the torch head and remove the insulating film.

What’s in the box


The tiny Olight i1R EOS is a small compact torch light designed to fit on your keyring. The torch weighs 12 grams and has two settings, low (5 lumens) and high (130 lumens).

Features and specification

To switch the i1R EOS on, simply twist the top clockwise, this activates the low setting. Continue twisting clockwise and you will find the high setting too. The low setting output is 5 lumens whilst the high setting output is an impressive 130 lumens. On the high setting at 130 lumens will give you 20 minutes of use, whilst the lower setting of 5 lumens will give you up to 7 hours use. The high setting beam distance will reach up to 54 metres whilst the low setting beam distance will reach up to 13 metres.  Olight achieve this by fitting a high performance Philips LUXEON TX LED paired with a TIR optic lens which produces a soft and balanced beam. Pretty impressive given the size of the torch. 

The i1R EOS has a built-in 80mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, which can be accessed by unscrewing the torch head and plugging in the supplied micro USB charge cable. The recharge time is up to 1hr 15mins. A small red LED light indicates that the i1R EOS is charging and the LED turns green once the battery is fully charged. 

The i1R EOS is waterproof rated to IPX8, meaning the torch can be fully immersed in water for long periods of time, the torch is also drop proof up to 1.5 metres.

Weighing in at only 12 grams and at 4cm long with a diameter of 1.4cm makes this little torch easy to carry in your pocket with your keys or as a back up lighting source in your rucksack. Using a small karabiner clip the i1R EOS could also be used as a camping lantern, probably on the low setting.

To charge the i1R EOS simply unscrew the lens and plug in the Micro USB cable from your PC.


This is a seriously bright torch given the size of the unit, testing along side my head torch with 30 more lumens I couldn’t tell which one was brighter. This would make an ideal backup torch, tent lantern or as a handy keyring torch .

Despite only weighing 12 grams, it doesn’t feel too light and the aluminium alloy body gives the torch a nice quality feel.  Some may be put off by the £15.99 price tag, but unlike other keyring torches that are usually a bit poor in my experience,  this device emits an impressive 130 lumens. Not to mention the IPX8 waterproof rating.

Pros: Small, light, waterproof and powerful beam.

Cons: Some may be put off by the price (£15.99 at the time of writing).

Olight are relatively new to the UK market and have a wide selection of different torches to suit different hobbies and budget. Please visit their website here.

Here is the YouTube film testing the Olight i1R EOS at a Scottish bothy:





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