My favourite YouTube channels

When I’m not making my own content for YouTube, I enjoy watching and supporting other channels. Here is a list of my favourite YouTubers:

WalkWithWallace: To kick off the list, I’ll start with my own channel: I offer light-hearted inspiring films on wild camping, bothy trips, day hikes and some wildlife content too.


Head for the hills: aka Andy Hermit Hill doesn’t just talk the talk, but he walks the walk. He’s been all over Scotland following the trails. His Scottish National Trails playlist is my favourite and I enjoy his dry sense of humour. Andy sadly passed away in February 2019, a sad lost to the YouTube community. He has left behind a legacy of fantastic videos.


Scotland’s Mountains (Steaming Boots): I got a lot of my early filming inspiration from watching Murray’s films. Scotland’s Mountains is most likely one of best known Scottish outdoor channels on YouTube and you can expect excellent footage.


JagerScot: I’ve enjoyed watching JagerScot and his Alsatian (Jager) hike and camp around Scotland. Plenty excellent drone footage too, backed with some stirring Scottish music.


On The Adventure Trails – Scotland: David & Lisa deliver excellent varied outdoor content; hill walking, bikepacking and packrafting. David and Mrs OTAT bring some of the slickest footage on YouTube.


Scots Wildcamper: “Scots Wildcamper, the wild camping channel for the great outdoors”. Eddie recently celebrated his 100th wild camp and travels around Scotland filming his adventures:


Alex Roddie: Alex is more well better known for his writing, however his own YouTube channel is beginning to shape up nicely:


Benvironment: Ben Dolphin the countryside ranger, Ben’s genuine enthusiasm and passion for the great outdoors shines through and is contagious. From bugs to eagles, he leaves nothing uncovered in the natural world.


Scottish Wanderer: Stuart’s passion is bushcraft , wild camping and cooking outdoors. Loves a camping pot and Spam (the tinned variety).


Cam Hikes: A relatively new channel, follow Camille, originally from the French Pyrenees on her long distance Scottish hikes:


Snowy Matrix: Another long distance hiker, he’s heading off on the Pennine Way later this year.


Behold Scotland: Another new channel worth checking out, confident behind the camera and documents his trips around Scotland brilliantly:


Hounds of Howgate: Follow John & Moss’s long distance hikes around Scotland. His Cape Wrath Trail playlist is the best on YouTube for anyone looking to complete the the long distance trail.


Paul Messner: I discovered Paul’s channel quite recently and enjoy his content. Lots of wild camping and gear reviews:


Dan Bell: Dan will be most likely be forever known for his waterslide film. Dan injects a lot of fun and energy into his films:


Olly Outdoors: Another reletively new channel, follow Olly’s adventures from around the south of England and beyond:


Alan METALMAN: Alan’s enthusiasm for the great outdoors and heavy metal is clear to see in his films.


Scottish Mountain Goat:

Another new channel that has appeared. Kris has begun Munro bagging and vlogs his adventures with some slick voice-overs and editing!


Teddy Wanderer:

Follow this little bear’s adventures, looking at nature and wildlife. Always nice chilled out films.


Wye Explorer:

Mark, aka Wye Explorer is one of the most sincerest vloggers on YouTube. His passion for nature always shines through on his films and as his channel name suggests he can be usually found exploring around the River Wye.


Outdoor Enthusiast 101:

Another top vlogger from South of the Border. Join Luke on his wild camping adventures. Occasionally teams up with Scots Wildcamper too:


Renegade Scot:

I only recently started watching Ray’s channel and I ended up meeting up with him and his friend Terry for a memorable bothy night. Ray does lots of wild camping, but also vlogs about photography. Top bloke and plenty videos to peruse:


The Bushcraft Bothier:

Last, but not least (for now)… Check out Terry’s cracking bushcraft and bothy channel, he has a wicked sense of humour and is a curer of meats!


Hopefully that’ll keep you busy for now. I do update this list, but if there’s any I’ve missed, please do drop them in the comments box below.





11 thoughts on “My favourite YouTube channels

  1. Stewart Cranston

    Great to see some new faces on this blog Robin. I knew of some but not all..Like you I have swapped TV for YT..Not that I ever watched much TV..At least you can home in on your interests on YT and even interact with your favourites..Best Wishes Stewart Cranston..

  2. Gnz Wildcamps

    We’ve only just seen this Robin! Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s a pleasure to film for all the great like minded people on YouTube and getting out is something we really love doing. The filming side is a nice bonus too. Really great website you have and looking forward to reading some of your content.
    All the very best from both of us and keep up the fantastic work. A true credit to the community πŸ™‚

  3. Bryan

    Yay! I’m famous! πŸ˜‚
    Thanks for the mention and nice to hear someone thinks I’m confident. I have a way to go in my eyes but one step at a time.

    Keep up the good work.

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