My recommended Outdoors YouTube channels

With the current situation, many of us are unable to head for the hills. I have therefore updated this useful list of various different Outdoor YouTube channels.

Walk With Wallace

When I’m out on the hills myself or editing a video, I enjoy taking the time out to watch other videos online. To support mostly smaller and similar channels, here is a list of 26 recommended outdoor channels:

WalkWithWallace: To kick off the list, I’ll start with my own channel – I offer light-hearted inspiring films on hiking and camping from (mostly) across Scotland:

Head for the hills: aka Andy Hermit Hill doesn’t just talk the talk, but he walks the walk. He’s been all over Scotland following the trails. His Scottish National Trails playlist is my favourite and I enjoy his dry sense of humour. Andy sadly passed away in February 2019, a sad lost to the YouTube community. He has left behind a legacy of fantastic videos.

Scotland’s Mountains (Steaming Boots): I got a lot of my early filming inspiration from watching Murray’s films. Scotland’s Mountains is most…

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6 thoughts on “My recommended Outdoors YouTube channels

  1. Providing you go to the hills on your own and in your own transport, there’s absolutely nothing to stop anyone hillwalking still. No-one can catch the virus off you outdoors and you can’t catch it off anyone else.

      1. It would be very out of the ordinary if I was to be needing to be rescued as I haven’t so far in 30 odd years of walking. I won’t be doing anything out of the ordinary on my walks and I’ve given up climbing until it’s all over so I don’t envisage a rescue…

        I could sprain an ankle or break a leg or something but, if I do that in a field or footpath near my home, they’ll insist on using the mountain rescue instead of the ambulance as that’s the way it is nowadays.

      1. My current state is healthy just now – I’m vulnerable as I do have lung disease but still hill walk – that is my main way of preventing my lungs from getting worse. My doctor supports me in this. Not sure what ‘nonsense’ or ‘stupidity’ you’re referring to?

        I’m not going to be cosying up to anyone on the hill, nor stopping to chat, nor passing within 2 yards of them so all that is following current advice.

        Think you need to clarify exactly what you mean?

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