Bespoke Scottish Highland Tours

Planning to visit the Highlands of Scotland? We now offer Bespoke Highland tours. Join Robin on a relaxing tour of Scotland at your own pace, completely tailored to your own itinerary. Robin can help you plan your tour to visit: Lochs and Glens Outlander film locations Whisky distillery days Castles and other historical sites Golf …

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Thinking about cycling to work?

Then look no further, to celebrate my fifth year of cycling to work, I have written this article to hopefully inspire others to get involved. Cycling to work is a rewarding experience, it keeps you fit, saves you money and does your bit for the environment. What's not to like? So surely it's just a case of …

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Motorist versus cyclist road rage incident goes viral

72% of the UK population now own a smartphone (source: Not only that, more and more cyclists and motorists are arming themselves with helmet and dash cams. With the ease of access to a video camera via your phone and other recording devices, needless to say a lot of footage of near misses, accidents, …

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