Bike and hike to Faindouran bothy

Kevin and I had earmarked the August bank holiday weekend for a wild camping trip, neither of us had been under canvas since our Fisherfield trip back in May. As the weekend drew closer a colleague of mine announced he was having his leaving do on the Friday we planned to travel. I couldn't miss his night out, he was a popular guy …

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Review: Thermarest LuxuryLite UltraLite Cot

Okay so the Thermarest LuxuryLite UltraLite cot isn't exactly new on the market. So you may be wondering why I have took the time to write a review. However whenever I have used the cot, it has generated a lot of interest. One particular time during a bothy night in the Cairngorms I had intrigued …

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A Ridge Too Far – A Winter Epic!

Back in February 2011 I learnt a valuable lesson. Phil and I totally underestimated two classic Munros in the Mamores. Relatively inexperienced, we also overestimated our own winter mountain skills. Either one of us could have been carried out by Mountain Rescue, injured or worse still. Dave who accompanied us was far more experienced, he must have wondered how …

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